Virtual PC

I have a Mac G4 and I installed Virtual PC . I wish I can play PC game with the Mac. I installed glsetup but it cannot detect the Open GL drive. Is there any solution?

I also have the same problem. I have a powerbook G4 with a GeForce 540 (I think…I know it’s a GeFroce chip)installed. When running Virtual PC it detects my card as some S3 Trio 32/64, and won’t run any games, and has great difficulty with even runnin quicktime movies off of apple’s site. Anyone help us?

As far as I know Virtual PC for Macintosh always emulates a S3Trio graphics card.

Windows will never know that you have a Geforce because Virtual PC is hiding it, since Windows wont “see” your Geforce it cant use it.

The S3Trio is a 2d chip only, it has no 3d functionality so playing 3d games that require hardware 3d acceleration is not possible.

Sorry but the software dosnt give you a “real” PC only a “virtual” one. The software can run Windows and Office and such but it cant give you 3d games.