video card designed to use system RAM, Ghost recon doesn't register that, help plz.

I have an Intel video card, with 5.5 meg all by itself. It’s designed to utilize system RAM when the video card itself is overwhelmed with information.

Ghost Recon/directX requires more that the 5.5 that the video card itself has, and it doesn’t seem able to understand that it’ll be ok, due to the system RAM being used as explained above.

A couple of questions:

Is there a way to bypass the directX checking system, either utilizing openGL, or not?

Would installing openGL alleviate these problems for now, and in the future?

Thanks ahead of time,

No, if the program complains do you probably not have good enough hardware.

Thanks for the reply, (if not the sentiments, heheh).

I’m running an Intel Celeron 533 with 512meg of pc133 RAM. I will be upgrading to a Pentium IV soon, but in the meantime…

The game worked beautifully for the first 3 days I owned it, until it realized it wasn’t supposed to work beautifully, I presume.

The people who made my pc have advised me that the video cards that hold ‘X’ amount of ability are going to be a thing of the past, and that utilizing system RAM is the wave of the future. I would think he’d want to sell me a G-force3, so it seems believable.

It also makes sense on a common level. It seems that the video cards came out when there really wasn’t enough RAM available in pcs. That seems to be changing, while at the same time video requirements seem to be increasing. Thus, the most efficient way of dealing with the increase would be to designe the video cards to utilize system RAM, I would think.

Just my “instructed on Apple IIe” $.02, though.

Thanks again for the reply,

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