vgDrawGlyphs behavior


OVG 1.1 Specification says that for vgDrawGlyph and vgDrawGlyphs if paintmode is equal to 0 says it will be useful to determine the metrics of the glyph sequence. But conditions that throw errors in these functions, one is paintMode being 0. So, what’s the behavior I really should expect from printing with paintMode 0? Does the function will really do something even if it is in error condition?


Ideally, you should expect the behavior stated in the spec. That being, the text positions being updated as if drawing had occurred, but no drawing took place.

In reality… well… I have no idea how many driver developers actually tested that function… It’s kind of an obscure use case.
File a bug report with your VG driver’s vendor if it’s not behaving as you’d expect - they may fix it for you.