Very Strange!

Well i have solved my problems with quake now. ok it freezes sometimes but not after 1 or 2 mins like it used to. Well now to another question. I used to get 104fps in timedemo 1 in quake3 now i only get about 70 with the same drivers and all that. Still the demo runs at a similar speed as the 104fps but it will only give me 70. where the hell did the 30 fps go? The demo is still quite much as fast as it used to be. BUt still only 70fps. This must have a simple solution musnt it?

Don’t know the problem.
But be warned! It might be a hell of a handicap in your next lan-parties!

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Oh… Might be that you had accidently enabled overclocking. That would explain the crashes before.

Maybe you’ve simply turn on VSYNC.
The 70fps may just reflect the monitor refresh rate. Maybe?