Vertexcache Optimizer for Triangles


I wrote a vertexcache optimizer for Collada. There is a standalone exe (compiled against the latest DOM) and a version for the refinery (compiled against the DOM shipped with the svn version of the refinery. It is only working on the <triangle> nodes.

The algorithm is based on the paper ‘Fast Triangle Reordering for Vertex Locality and Reduced Overdraw’ from Pedro V. Sander, Diego Nehab, Joshua Barczak published at Siggraph 2007.

The standalone version works by calling it with the options --input <inputfile> --output <outputfile>.

It basically optimizes the order of the indices so that the vertexcache is used in a more efficient way while drawing the models.

Can you please test the versions, so that I can fix some bugs if the occur before I put the stuff on sourceforge by the end of the week?

Both versions can be found

Thank you.

I now released it on sourceforge and made an entry in the conditioner directory.
See … onditioner