Vertex Colors in 3DSMax Plugin Version 2.08 broken

I’ve exported a box with to texture stages, vertex colors and normals.
Reimporting killed the vertex colors.
In the DAE-File there are two color channels!? one with an negative

<triangles material=“DualTextureMaterial” count=“12”>
<input semantic=“VERTEX” source="#Box01-obj-vertex" offset=“0”></input>
<input semantic=“NORMAL” source="#Box01-obj-normal" offset=“1”></input>
<input semantic=“COLOR” source="#Box01-obj-mapchan–2" offset=“2” set="-2"></input>
<input semantic=“COLOR” source="#Box01-obj-mapchan-0" offset=“3” set=“0”></input>
<input semantic=“TEXCOORD” source="#Box01-obj-mapchan-1" offset=“4” set=“1”></input>
<input semantic=“TEXCOORD” source="#Box01-obj-mapchan-2" offset=“5” set=“2”></input>


That’s pretty cool.

The C++ COLLADA exporter exports the two 3dsMax extra color channels, if they are present. These are: [-2]: Alpha, [-1]: Illumination. Granted: this is an issue with the exporter, as the set attribute must be an unsigned integer. Thanks for the report.


ok, I see. So I guess “set” for Color should be “0” for Alpha “1”
analogous to texture-uv set 0,1,2… ?

Well anyway the vertex colors and vertex alpha should be preserved when reimporting again.