Vertex_Array_Range Ext. under linux

unregistered posted 01-25-2002 12:25 AM

You do not have to recompile GLUT and you only have to include the check if you are distribituing your program. You know that it is supported on your card. Do you call it after glutMainLoop?

i haven’t understand:
you only have to include the check if you are distribituing your program

what does it mean ? include what check.
and distributing i think.

i call it after glutCreateWindow,
but it is before glutmainloop otherwise it would be executed after the exit of opengl window. so can’t allocate then !



You are checking for extensions and renderer another idea would be to make a simply program that shows the error. Perhaps a little GLUT program that just tries to allocate some video memory and reports if it could do so.
In the case that you later will distribute a program that is using this extension can you add code for checking that the extension is really supported.

I meant after the call to glutMainLoop but it should be OK if you just have it after glutCreateWindow. I do not know why it does not work.

I also missed that you got different renderers with glGetString. How can you get a Mesa renderer?

Let me also add that glut is linked to the current OpenGL library so you do not have to recompile it. If you update your OpenGL library/driver is no recompilation needed.

ah !! i just understand what you meant:
if i want to distribute my program, i must check if these extensions are supported as far as i don’t know on which system it will work: of course i’ll do it !

i’ve already done a little glut programm to test: it fails !

on the advanced forum, we told me that it is because the renderer is Geforce2 mx/PCI/3DNOW!, so AGP isn’t supported.

I think that i have 2 different renderers because glx was on Mesa pakcage, and I tried the glxdemo programm and modify it to test the alloc. As i know, the makefile was for Mesa. may i modify it, but i’m not good with glx. And i’m really sure that it must work on glut !!


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