Vendor Query regarding Open Max IL core and components

Dear All,

I was going through the open max IL standards, and its a great way to avoid coding an integration layer each time when we are moving to a new chipset vendor. However, I have the following query:

  1. To appreciated to use of openmax, whether the vendor(QUALCOMM,EMP) will provide open max IL core as well as the components?-so that the handset manufacturer will only need to concentrate on writing the IL clien.

Please clarify this if you have any info about it.

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Guys,

Even if you don’t have exact idea on the mentioned query, please express your thoughts on the same, would be helpful.


Typically I would expect a vendor to supply an IL core. If the platform integrator wishes to use components from multiple vendors, then there may be some effort required to integrate components from a vendor with an Il core from another vendor.

The IL core can be very simple, but there is scope to add additional functionality.