Velocity4400 + OpenGL = Oil + Water...Please Help Me!

I have some problems with my computer. It’s 450 Mhz, 128 Megs/ram, and has a 16 meg PCI Velocity4400 (RivaTNT Chipset) card.

Anyway, the problem exists mainly in OpenGL, or the lack thereof. The computer refuses to let me use OpenGL in Half-Life, and gives me the “Unable to load OpenGL subsystem” message with every Quake3 engine-based game I play. Not just Quake 3, every game based on that particular engine.

I’ve downloaded the Detonator3 drivers and still nothing… I don’t know how much longer I can last under ugh Software Mode. Please, venerable users of the discussion board, help me!!

I have the same card except mine is the AGP version and can play Quake 3 Arena and Halflife with no problems. I have Dell P3 500Mhz 256MB Ram. Did you update the bios for the STB video card? Also try different switching between 16bit and 32 bit colors. Also I use the 1.73 Nvidia drivers, I have not tried the newer ones yet.

No, I didn’t try updating the BIOS…nor did I try switching between 16 and 32 bit colors… I’ll go try that now and see if it works. Thanks =)