using COLLADA DOM you need wsock32.lib

In COLLADA_DOM-Programming_Guide never mentions wsock32.lib or we don’t need this lib?
Also I hope in the next release of COLLADA DOM, the external-libs’ folder won’t be empty again for the convenience of all users :wink:

You do need wsock32.lib. I had read it elsewhere the other day, forgot about it when I went to link yesterday and then when the linker threw up a load of errors, I realized. It was sorted out in minutes.

The 1.4 programming guide should probably mention it. It’s only in the release notes - things which are notorious for not being read. That being said, if we’re compiling we should read them. I did - saved trouble.

I didn’t find it any real bother to download the external libs. Simply unzipping and copying each include and lib directory in did the trick with no extra messing around.

That is a WIN32 build dependency only. It’s not needed on other platforms. Please see the release notes for known platform dependencies.

It is under discussion whether or not to redistribute other open source software as part of this package. We want to avoid any legal or licensing complications since it took so long to begin with.