Using Collada DOM parser in Opengl ES 2.0 on Ubuntu

Hi List,
I am trying to use COLLADA DOM parser on Ubuntu for an Opengl ES 2.0 application.Is it possible to use the same?
If yes,Please let me know the steps how to proceed for the same.



I don’t understand your question, but you might be interested by the collada-dom package I created for ubuntu

It hasn’t been much tested yet, so 1) be careful 2) I’d welcome a tester :wink:


Thanks Sebastian.
To elaborate more ,We have a small sample application and a sample .dae collada file.So we want to load the sample collada file in our application using collada dom parser on Ubuntu.So can you please tell what steps are to be followed to load collada dom parser to our application.We have to further use Opengl ES 2.0 to develop animation.
Any reference links also would be helpful.


Sorry, I can’t help. Also, be aware that collada-dom is not developed anymore.