Updating my video card to OpenGL 2.0

Okay, first, I’m a complete computer gome. I installed a program for resizing images, but when I tried to run it, I got a message that says I must update my video card to a driver that supports OpenGL 2.0.

I have no idea how to do this, or if I even can? I went to the Dell driver support website, but when I used their automated function to update video/graphics drivers, it said I already have the most recent drivers. ???

Any assistance is appreciated.

Regards, David

  1. “a program for resizing images” : name ? version ? website ?
  2. what is your computer model and specifications, when did you buy it ?
  3. … it is most probable you have some basic Intel video card which can not support GL 2.0 correctly, whatever the driver version

Sorry for lack of info. The photo resizing program is called Perfect Resize ver. 7, from OnOne software. I check with my local computer repair place. He said I can upgrade my laptop, but I might be able to add a graphics card to my desktop, but I’ll have to bring it in.

Since I have an older computer, and an upgrade is inevitable if I want to do an serious video editing, I’ll probably just hold on to the software and install it on my new computer when I get one.

Thanks, David

Laptops capable of correctly supporting GL 2 are still not that common, so make sure to keep that feature in mind when buying new stuff. For the video card : avoid Intel, you will have better support with ATI/AMD or Nvidia card !