<up_axis> --> What does "In Axis" refer t

I thought “In Axis” referred to “into the monitor”, or away from the viewer. Using Z_UP for example, to the right of the monitor would be positive X, towards the top of the monitor would be positive Z, and into the monitor would be positive Y. The specs say the in-axis is negative y with Z_UP. Clarification please, fix the docs, or make the docs clearer?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Cart … edness.svg

Z_UP is as you described. By convention X goes positive to the right, and since COLLADA coordinate system is right handed, Y positive goes “into the monitor”

The specification shoul clarify this with little drawings, like we did in the book. Could you open a bug against the specification so we can track this ?


Many thanks.

Sure, will do.

Did you read this thread?


Yes, I had read that thread, but being unfamiliar with Max or Maya, it didn’t help too much. I’m concerned with exporting our objects from our software into COLLADA format.