Hey my card is an SiS 6326 AGP 3D 8MB video card but when i go to install opengl it brings up a message that my video card is not supported can i do anything bout that? I’m trying to run Quake3…but can’t…Can anybody help me?

It is really two problems:

  1. Your card does not support OpenGL
  2. The card is not very good

The only solution is to upgrade your hardware.

Is there anyway i can play Quake 3 with that card or no? or does it have to use OpenGL?

It would really surprise me if you got Quake 3 running. And even if you DO get it running, the performance won’t be much to have. I really suggest you get a new graphics board.

And by the way, Quake 3 uses OpenGL only.

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What is a good card that would work…and VERY cheep…like $40 or less? My computers are to custom built computer (made by me) 400MHz 96Megs of Ram and the other has 800MHz 128Megs of Ram and they can both have AGP1x or 2x or PCI…Thanks

Would a Matrox Mystique PCI Work…It only have 2MB though so i guess i should just buy a new card…but which one? And how much…and where from?

For about $40 you can get an ATI Rage PRO, or a card with a TNT chip. These cards is a tad old nowadays, but they work. Matrox has a few cards aswell, G200 and G400. Don’t know price/performance, but it might be an option aswell. If you can afford it, I would really recomend you go for a card for about $100. You can then get a GeForce/GeForce2 MX. They are really good cards, and will last for a while.

And where to buy them? Well, any computerstore near you should have them, or atleast can get them for you.

That Mystique might be a good (and classic!) card, but I don’t think it much to have today.