Tutorial series for OpenCL with C++

Hey all, I’m starting a tutorial series as a way of solidifying my knowledge as I progress.

Hopefully it can help some people trying to get started on Linux or Mac with C++. The first installment is just getting started (and building the code as a library with CMake). I plan to cover use of the opencl visual profiler next as well as OpenCL/OpenGL context sharing.

Hope this helps someone out there!

Sounds interesting. If you want any help just message me. I am sort of in the same process myself, except I’m only posting things with regards to topics for which I have not been able to find resources online (and some stuff I did early on to reinforce what I learned).

ie Stuff like:
http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~suttmill … xture.html

Nice page Alex! I’m about to start playing with textures too :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my tutorial to use the C++ bindings which I’ve found to be a bit easier to use.
http://enja.org/2010/07/20/adventures-i … -bindings/

Hello all,

I’ve completed another tutorial, this time about context sharing with OpenGL. I create a simple particle system to demonstrate using Vertex Buffer Objects to share memory between OpenCL and OpenGL.

http://enja.org/2010/08/27/adventures-i … th-opengl/

hope it’s helpful!