TRIBES2 Problem! Please Read!

I think the U.E. Error (Unhandled Exception) has alittle bit of something to do with OpenGL. In the TRIBES2 Forum at “”, someone posted the how he solved the problem.

First off, the problem is that, when trying to play TRIBES2, the game crashes and the error comes up.

The Error reads:

Unhandled exception: 80000003
At address: 00000001

The poster of that topic deleted the OpenGL2D3D.dll from Tribes2 folder, copied the OPENGL32.dll from the C:/Windows/System/ folder, and renamed it into OPENGL2D3D.dll.

If you have any idea why OpenGL has to do with the problem, please tell me. The developers say that, the problem has to do with a AVI codec. But why OpenGL?

Also, if you have time, please make a patch for TRIBES2.

Thankyou for your time.

Also, My computer specs are:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows ME (4.90, Build 3000)

Processor: AMD Anthlon™Processor, MMX, 3D Now, ~902MHz

Memory: 128MB RAM

Direct X Version: DirectX 8.0 (

What Video Card?

My bro had kind of the same problem,

try running it in d3d, thats how it fixed my bro’s comp with T2

But i’m still unable to load tribes up at all

I have had not problems at all. I had trouble with patch errors on install but no open GL problems. I am using the voodoo 5 AGP 64 MB with the beta drivers from The beta drivers are the ones with better openGl support. I know the developers said to try and run the AVI Tribes trailer aand if you get the same error (the UE one) then the patch they are working on will solve your problem. If it does not give you the same error then the patch they are working on will not help you… But they are aware of the problem so just hang tight and they will get it work out soon. See you on line hopefully .
(Tribes Name: |STP|SNIPER)
Hope this helps,