Tribes 2

I just installed Tribes 2 and I downloaded the lastest GLSetup and installed it. Then when I went to start the game, it took me out to my desktop. Can you help me figure out why and what can I do to make Tribes 2 work? Thanks a lot!

i am experiencing this same problem except i get an unhandled exception error. i have never gotten a picture.

I dont use GLSetup but I have T2 installed on WinME and Win2k. I get the same problem with Win2K but it runs great with WinME. This leads me to believe that your problem is not GLSetup but Win2k. If you are using Win2K you just might be outta luck.

Good Luck!

I’ve got Tribes2 running fine on windows 2000. What you’ll need to do is twofold - once you’ve got the glsetup completed, you need to d/l and reinstall directv b.0a for W2K, and hten restart. If this does not correct the issue, you shoudl uninstall the game, delete the Dynamix directory, and reinstall.

If you have any issues after that, then you may have insufficient hardware.

Same game, different problem.

I resently installed tribes2 on 1 of my computers. But once the game starts up all text in the game is completely unreadable, instead of letters its just a bunch of boxes. I don’t know if this has anything to do with my video driver, im using an (ATI 3d rage pro).

Both D3D and OpenGL displays worked for half-life.
In tribes2 D3D crashes my computer at the start of gameplay and if I use OpenGL, during gameplay their will be graphic innoramllies. In both cases the text is unreadable on the menu screens and during gameplay.

The unhandled exception is caused by a few things. Make sure to check your system Requierments and make sure you have enough memorie cleared up. It seems alot of people have had problems with the Voodoo-2000/3000. Mabey its due to the fact that 3DFX sucks…but there gone now. Make sure if your getting an error you Write down what it is. I’m personaly still fixing the “opengl2d3d.dll” bug right now. but its an easy fix. I’ll repost it later if thats your problem

First of all: 3dfx DOES NOT SUCK!

Now, to get Tribes 2 to run under W2k and Voodoo 3, i’ve done the following:

  1. Upgrade w2k to SP2

  2. Install DirectX8.0a

  3. Install Tribes 2

  4. D/L the w2k Omega drivers for the voodoo (at

  5. Run Tribes 2 and set the display settings to Direct3D (do NOT use OpenGL)

  6. D/L the WHQL certified 1.03 drivers from and install them

  7. Enjoy Tribes 2! Just DON’T SWITCH IT BACK TO OpenGL or you’ll get the unhandled exception error.

well… i have windows ME and my computer does meet the requirements. i have an intel 82810 graphics controller, i’m not sure if that’s my graphic card or not. if that’s not, how do i check to see what my graphic card is?

oh yea. another thing, how do u get tribes 2 to run under direct 3D instead of open gl, does that work if tribes 2 won’t run under open gl?

Oh, well, i’m sorry to say this, but it IS your graphics controller. Intel 82810 is not a very good card. My advise is to upgrade. Anything more than this Intel would be much better. Savage 4, Voodoo 3, 4, or 5, Geforce 1, 2, or even 3(from cheapest to most $$$). These would be better at getting Tribes 2 to work on your computer. (but im not so sure about the Savage 4…) Also, you could try looking around for other video cards like the Kyro, but that has less compatability than your Intel i think. Geforce 2 has gone down in price. You could get a Geforce 2 MX 64mb ram, well under $100. I will recommend the Voodoo only if you’re a 3dfx fan, cause if you’re just a casual user you’re better off w/ cards that have their company’s support (ie: new drivers every so often).