<translate> under <node>

am trying to display the collada model in java…
I got a file with dragon model.
In that I found some nodes under the <visual_scene> tag as follows…

   &lt;node id="Drag_n-node" name="Drag_n" type="NODE"&gt;
    &lt;translate&gt;1.55224 -1.32928 6.55679&lt;/translate&gt;
    &lt;rotate&gt;-0.57735 0.57735 0.57735 -120&lt;/rotate&gt;
    &lt;scale&gt;0.074126 0.074126 0.074126&lt;/scale&gt;
    &lt;node id="Drag_n-node_PIVOT" name="Drag_n_PIVOT" type="NODE"&gt;
      &lt;translate&gt;32.9212 78.694 -22.9045&lt;/translate&gt;
      &lt;instance_geometry url="#Drag_n-mesh"&gt;
            &lt;instance_material symbol="_3_-_Default" target="#_3_-_Default"/&gt;

I applied the <translate> <rotate> and <scale> to the subnode Drag_n-node_PIVOT…

could anybody tell me what is the significance of the other <translate> under the Drag_n-node_PIVOT node ? how it will affect the model?

the sec page 100, describing the <node> element says:
The <node> element represents a context in which the child transform elements are composed in the order that they occur. All the other child elements are affected equally by the accumulated transform in the scope of the <node> element.