Transformations & kinematics

Hi everyone,
as a fresh new COLLADA fan, I’d have a question regarding node transformations in assets with kinematics definition. In case I’d like to import such an asset without kinematics, do I have to deal with the node transformations related to kinematics (as the examples below) in some special way?

<rotate sid="joint_0_axis0">0 0 -1 0</rotate>
<translate sid="joint_1_axis0">1 0 0</translate>

Currently, I import them as any other transforms but in some cases this approach seems to rather disarrange the model…

Thanks in advance!

Hello Petr,

welcome to the COLLADA community forum! The kinematics part is specific to COLLADA 1.5 and can be safely ignored if you are not interested in it. The sample robots that can be found in the model bank might look a bit odd without applied joint values, though.