TnT2 Ultra, Win2k and OpenGL (experts help!!)

I have recently been drawn into this forum because of problems I have been having with the game Uplink created by Introversion has distributed three opengl support dll’s with their product. They are
opengl32.dll 737kb 2/2/2000 12:51AM
glu32.dll 137kb 4/23/1999 10:22PM
glut32.dll 166kb 8/18/1998 4:35PM

I am under the impression that opengl32.dll and glu32 are distributed by Microsoft, while glut32 is a 3rd party library. My problem is that the drawing in the game in W2K, leaves artifacts on the screen and is very slow. Further Opengl support is supposed to be covered via my graphics card manufacturer these days. In my case this is Creative or nVidia, as I have a Creative Riva TNT2 Ultra card. I am currently running the latest Creative drivers which are distibuted in the archive 3db_2KXP_2750.exe. If I rename opengl32.dll to opengl32old.dll I force the game to use the creative supplied support, and while this is much faster it causes crashes and hardware lock ups. I have heard through the introversion forum boards that the nVidia, 40.41_WinXP.exe beta drivers for XP/2000 solve many problems on Windows XP, however I do not know if this will help me or not. Is there anyplace I can get some information on the three dll’s above, the status of their latest versions, and how the nVidia and Creative driver support OpenGL?