ok guys, this is making me mad , I just o/c’d my TNT2M64, not much, but i added a new HSF to it, now, when I go to play any game in OpenGL, the colours are all distorted. I thot that I might have shot the card, but I can play direct 3d games fine. in CS and Mohaa are the only games that i have to test it with.

In CS when on openGL, smae problem, but when i switch it to Direct3D, it runs like normal, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

P.S ive tried to set it back to defaults and reinstall drivers, still no luck thanks and please help!

I don’t know much, exept that a friend of me also once Overclocked a TNT2. I hope for U that the texture distortion doesn’t mean read spickles through your textures. His tnt gave red corrupted textures, and it never stopt showing those corruption’s again.
Pesonally, myself, I have realy bad experiece with forcing fast-writes enabled.
If u’ve got fast writes enabled (in your mobo-bios of some sort of tweaker program ) then I would advise to turn that of.

with fastwrites I blew up my GF4, and made a radeon 9000 show disrupted textures with clipping errors so bad, you couln’t recognize what u were looking at.

It’s possible you just blow your card… that’s uh… one of the hazards of overclocking.