tnt2 and Lightwave 3D

Is anyone using a creative labs tnt2 blaster (pci) with Lightwave 3D? I upgraded the Dell Optiplex they gave me at work by adding a cheapo 2 MB tnt2… Lightwave still works, but the Hub won;t run anymore, and I get errors when I start Layout. After a while of use, Modeler starts to redraw poorly. I have the latest Detonator Drivers, Win 95 b, and I’ve even tried reinstalling the OS.

Hi Tonyg2k,
I’ve had the same problem. Now Lightwave6.5 runs on my W2k-PC with the Diamond Viper 770 (TNT2). For a better answer go to the german lightwave forum at and ask Christian Hübner. He is the Administrator of this website and my personal god in Lightwave questions. Perhaps he has a Link for you to an american Lightwave forum.
keep smiling

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Actually, I found a fix. I ditched the Detonator drivers, and tried the ones from Creative Labs (who would a thunk it) – and they work great, at least for Lightwave. The first 50 frames of the Hummer scene play back in 40 seconds, which is right where this card should be, I think.