This OpenGL mode is not supported by your grafic card.

Yes, indeed it is.
I have trouble with my OpenGL32.DLL located in my windows\system folder.
I used a program that modified it. And wrecked it. I forgot to backup the file manually. I’m using Windows ME and was wondering if there is any way I could reinstall that file, whitout reinstalling windows\formating. I’ve tried the Help which follows Windows, but its very limited.
I have also tried searching on MS’s internet sites, still no luck.

Any good ideas?

I forgot to add I am in posession of a ATI Radeon 64MB DDR Vivo.

Now maybe you have any ideas?

This link is in the download section of

That looks like something for windows 95…

yo man, msg me on icq or msn, ill send you the dll file, its small…

and i may have an opengl driver thatwill work for you

icq: 21727777


Microsoft has not changed their OpenGL version for that long, it is the exact same file thats in Win 95, Win 98, and Win ME.