the games freez, stops when I playing games

Hey I have a problem.

When I try to play games(wolfenstein) it just stops, it freez, and I have to restart my computer.
I dont know what to do.

please help me!

I have a MS-StarForce (Nvidia Geforce2 MX400

Download the latest drivers. Also try nvidia’s referencedrivers.

I( have tried olmost everything.
I have olso downloaded the latest drivers, but it still wont work!

turn sound to low quality. Mine used to freeze 0-3 minutes after running the program, but that fixed it. If you cant start the program long enough to change sound to low qual, try to find the file to edit to make it low quality.

I’ve had this problem on my ATI based computer and my friends Geforce2 card based system. Go to your system properties and then device manager. Click on view and view devices by connection. Open the IRQ’s and make sure your video card is alone on it’s IRQ (usually 11). If your soundcard or another device is shareing this irq you’ve found your problem. Change it in windows, or go to your bios and try changeing it there. If this seems too complicated just remove the card physically from your case and see if your games still crash.

Secondly your motherboard’s GART might not be compatable with your video card. Change the settings to AGP 2X not 4X, and disable anything that looks like AGP FAST WRITE, or AGP TURBO.