The Fire Gl 4

Hello everybody !

I have a litle question about ATI Fire Gl 4 graphic card.

This card is very powerful but the driver sucks.

Gale like call Of duty don’t work with this card, and all of directx based game don’s work anymore.

I search a driver (opengl wrapper don’t work) for this card who work with open Gl besed game and (if possible) directX.

It’s realy sad for me to see a powerfull professional video card under-exploited .

Yes this card was very expensive when it came out (which was over 3 years ago).

Compared to todays “gaming standards” its a piece of crap and simply lacks the features required to run an up-to-date games (pixel & vertex shaders).

As far as I recall, it is based on an IBM chipset with one fixed pipeline geometrie chip (up to 29 Mpoly/sec) and a rasterization chip (up to 512 MPixels/sec).

This makes it compareable to a Geforce1 or Radeon except that it is a discontinued product.

Compared to a ATI Radeon 9500 (or better) its like a old ISA Trident 8 Bit VGA card (in other words it sucks badly).

Your chances to get a game to work on that card are slim to none.