The currently used openGl driver does not support......

The currently used openGl driver does not support the required extensions to run the 3D preview.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem, I am using a ATI Radeon x700 AGP card with the newest Catalyst drivers. Any help is much appreciated.

Windows XP Home
ATI Radeon x700 AGP
512 DDR-400 Kingston Value Ram
Soyo Dragon Lite MB
Intel Celeron 3.7GHz
Creative Labs X-FI ExtremeMusic


What are you trying to run? Perhaps if it is a tech demo it may be configured to only run on Nvidia cards?

Iā€™m just trying to change the 3D settings in my Catalyst Control Center software, but it seems for some reason I have no opengl support, and no 3D capabilities at all.

well have you updated your video drivers