The best 3D Model Format

I choose a good 3D Model Format, I need a format with the most large content (the most important is bone animation, but other functionality is well too).
Another criterion of the format is how much popular and modern is it? I need the most popular format and the guarantee this format won`t be destroyed or no modern.
What do you thinck about native 3D Max format (.max)?

There are many useful formats. I’ll propose two:

  1. COLLADA (Widely adopted standard supported by almost all significant 3D modeling tools and applications(Maya, 3DS Max, Poser, LightWave 3D, Cinema 4D, Softimage, XSI, Side Effect’s Houdini, MeshLab, GPure, CityScape, CityEngine, SketchUp, Ürban PAD, Blender, modo and Strata 3D, Adobe Photoshop, etc. ))

Here is a tutorial about skeletal animation and Collada (exactly what you have mentioned) - Step by Step Skeletal Animation in C++ and OpenGL, Using COLLADA:

  1. MD5 (id Software’s Doom 3 FPS model format). It is old more that 5 years but there are several libraries for support as well as tutorials how to use it.

Do you have a specification for MAX format? If you have, you could try to implement it, by I suggest rather to support some widely adopted standard.

Thank you very much?

No, I still havent. You think MAX isnt adopted?

Last I touched 3dsmax (maybe 10 years ago) they loved to change the .max format for every new version, with incompatible stuff. Old file could be loaded on new versions (with more or less success), but had to be written in the new one.
I would not count on such a fragile format.

Could you advise me another format which corresponds to the the requirements above?


Does Collada exist as a binary format?

Well apparently it is quite common to offload big flat arrays of numbers to separate binary files, keeping the exhaustive features platform-independent, and having (slightly) better efficiency for a precomputed platform thanks to the binary files.

Please tell why you need a binary format now ?