textures displayed inverted

I’m working on a Collada loader and things are working good except that sometimes textures get inverted in the X direction. These are simple 2D textures that come from Maya. I had to change the Y value of TEXCOORD value to be 1.0f - Y to get the texture coordinates to map correctly with multiple textures per file. I thought that this was because of the way Windows stores images (origin at the top). But I can’t seem to figure out how to un-invert the texture image. I have tried different transforms and applying them to the texture image, but doing that messes up the texture mapping coordinates. These Collada files come from Maya 8.5 with ColladaMaya v3.04c. I’m not sure if there is a bug in the Collada plugin or in my code.

Unfortunately I don’t know what the problem is. Feeling Software (maker of ColladaMaya) has a forum where you can discuss issues with their software. You might want to try posting there.