Texture/Modeling Tools????

I’m new to OGL; I’m making good
progress on the coding side of
things, but I can’t seem to find
much information on how to get
started on modeling and texture
map creation/use in an actual program.

What is the easiest path for:

  1. making complex models.
    The basic geometric forms provided
    by glut are nice, but I’m feeling
    a little more ambitous than cubed,
    spheres and teapots.

  2. making texture maps for
    complex models.

  3. getting these complex maps/models
    into use in my program.

Most OGL books don’t seem to cover
these topics at all, and I’ve
been looking in vain on the net for
and open and clear discussion of
the different possibilities/problems…

Any help would be greatly appreciated
even if it’s only to point me to
some place where I can find the answers
to my questions…


  1. Modeling programs like 3dsmax (expensive) or Maya (expensive) or milkshape (not) or blender (not)

  2. Bitmap programs like Photoshop (espensive) or The Gimp (not); or possibly dedicated model painting programs like Deep Paint 3D (expensive).

  3. meshes: Write an exporter for the modeling tool that exports to a format you need to load. Or export to a well-known format, like ASE or 3DS, and write loading code for that (or pick some up from the 'net)
    bitmaps: Write a loader for the format you choose (like .TGA – very easy, supports alpha channels) or just use a loader library, like DevIL.

Sites dedicated to game art, such as www.polycount.com will probably have more details. Also, www.gamasutra.com has a bunch of good articles, although they’re a little deeper than what you’re looking for now.