Text from .ps or pdf onto OpenGL polygon?

Hello guys,

it’s long ago, that I used to work with OpenGL but now I’m back to it. Please let me express my apologies in the case that I am posting in the wrong part of the forum. I’m new and quiet unsure about where this topic is fitting in best.

I wonder if anyone here knows a C or C++ library which allows to display a Page from a postscript or a portable document file onto a polygon in OpenGL.
I found libraries to convert the current frame of an OpenGL context into an picture but not the other way arround except of when it is a typical picture.

The reason why I ask for this is, that I want to use LaTeX generated Textes in my OpenGL application in order to get good readable texts.

Has anybody an idea about how to tackle the problem?


Converting PostScript or PDF to a texture has two parts: first render a page to a raster image, then upload the raster image to a texture. The rendering is typically done using either GhostScript (for PostScript or PDF) or Poppler (for PDF). GhostScript can be used as a library or as a command-line executable; Poppler is a library.

Once you’ve rendered a page (and if rendered to a file, loaded it into memory), use glTexImage2D to upload the data to a texture.