Text dosen't display on Bzflag

I am trying to use the open source bzflag game. I have XP pro and an S3 prosavage DDR with the latest driver. When I run the program the test just appears as lines or dots and the letters are unreadable. The grpahics will work fine though. I need the text to connect to the servers and see my score. Is there any way I can fix it?

Thats a driver problem and nobody else then S3 can fix it, unfortunalty their drivers where never all that great and they are out-of-business now.

Sorry, no can do.

is there any chance of third party drivers or software?

Not really.

You may want to try GLDirect (google for it) which emulates OpenGL on top on DirectX but its commercial and IMHO a piece of crap, so I cant recommend it.