String Defs not found

What is required to use the DOM constants such as COLLADA_ELEMENT_… ?
#include “dom/domConstants.h”
is included, but the lookup for these always fails in the link,
though domConstants.cpp was in the lib build.
I have to use the literal quoted strings from the header file.


Yeah, domConstants.h. If you’re using the static lib DOM, make sure you’re linking in libcollada_dom.lib (or libcollada_dom_d.lib for the debug version). If you’re linking to the DLL DOM, make sure you have DOM_DYNAMIC defined (more info here).

Yep - using the static lib and I have an importer running loading meshes and materials. Trying to add the exporter I fiund nonme of the string defines work.


So you have an importer with the string defines working? If so, you can probably figure out what’s different with your exporter settings and fix it, right?