Storing color space in KeyValue data

I’m implementing a KTX loader/writer for jMonkeyEngine.
I was wondering if there was some reserved key for the image’s color space. Something like KTXColorSpace, linear or srgb?
If not, maybe that could be a nice addition. Color space information can be useful, even if you usually have ways to guess it depending on what the image is used for.

Also are there any other reserved keys, except the KTXorientation described in the specs?


I am delighted to hear you are implementing a loader/write for jMonkeyEngine. Thank you for your efforts.

Color space is indicated by the internalFormat specified in the KTX file. For sRGB images, choose one of the SRGB internal formats listed in the OpenGL specification. All other internal formats are linear. Is there some reason this doesn’t work for you?

All keys beginning with KTX or ktx are reserved. The only one currently in use is KTXorientation.