starting wolfenstein and MOHAA

when ever I try to start medal of honor or return to castle wolfenstein the screen flickers for a minute and says “cannt load openGL subsystem”. whats the deal and how can i fix it? the problem only started when i instulled windows xp.

bump I have that problem also. I’ve got a GeForce3 with XP. How can I fix it?

I fixed it! the problem with mine is that my gforce2 just didn’t have the right driver for xp yet. i went to the nvidia webpage ( )and got the magical driver. their is a webpage that didn’t help me but may help you.
the page tell you who you can fix it by changing the "DVA=0 "in to ";DVA=0 "
(all without quotation marks)in the win.ini file. go to the page and try it.