(Standard display adapter) is missing

On my W2k system, the “(Standard display adapter)” device driver selection entry is missing. Any suggestions on how to get these back?

[2003/02/14: SiSoft Sandra says that the card is not VGA compatible – maybe that is why the VGA adapter drivers are not offered by Windows, it might think the card is in a different “device class” or some such. ]

[2003/02/26: I found a registry key that influences this behavior. It is in this key (from memory, may be inexact): Hkey_Local_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Controlset001\Services
and the entry is called “VGAcompatible” (or very similar). I found the value of this as zero. When I set it to one, Sandra thought of the card as VGA compatible. However, none of the other problems were affected – the “(Standard display adapter)” list entry does not show up and OpenGL still does not work. What is that registry entry supposed to do? ]

Motivation: The standard troubleshooting procedure ™ seems to be to switch to Standard
VGA, uninstall vendor-specific drivers, then reinstall the drivers. Since OpenGL apps don’t
run with GF4MX440, and uninstall/reboot/reinstall didn’t help so far, I want to try this.

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you have the latest nvidia driver for the gforce mx440 card ?
the nvidia detonator drivers and the rest of my advises ?

once u have installed those… run the refresh rate thing

That list entry is missing and it should not.

The refresh rate fix did not help.
I had set the desktop frequency to 60Hz anyway.
The newest drivers that I tried are 42.70, no success with those. Now I’m going to try 29.42