Spam infecting Infecting internet explorer - please help!

Hey everyone, ok i have this huge problem.
Every time i open internet explorer my homepage appears as a completely different page to what i previously set it as! Its porn related - i don’t know how, i was clearing spam yesterday if that has anything to do with it? Fortunatly the page doesn’t load properly, i get a search engine prompting my to correct the address. But, also three new pages are added to my favorites also! and thats right they are porn related!!! These people are sick!!

I have restarted my computer with corrected settings several times yet this hompage ALWAYS comes up and the three additions to my favorites also appear!

Please help me, i’ve got other people using this computer…

Thanks in advance

Thats doesnt sound like spam, it sounds more like your whole system is full of spyware,worms, trojans and what not.

Try Ad-Aware from

General hints:

-Use a more secure internet browser like Mozilla or Opera
-Use a more secure email program like Pegasus or Eudora
-Use a up-to-date virus checker
-Use a firewall
-Dont click on everything.

Yeah i know but it’s only happened recently.
I’ve run a virus scan “Norton Antivirus”
but it didn’t detect anything. I’ve even put all my security and filtering levels up to the max level yet i’m still having the problem.
The only clue i’m getting is that the page that keeps coming up as my homepage can be found in the temporary Internet file folder as .exe file which doesn’t make ANY sense and i really don’t think i should open it.

Does anyone know how i can rectify the problem??

Any websites? Support contacts?

Don’t worry this is the first and last time i will boost this topic.

It’s possible you clicked something on a website and gave that site permission to add said links and homepage. I’m pretty sure they can do it without you clicking as well.

It’s possible you installed something which changed the homepage and added said links.

It’s possible you have a virus or trojan horse (you say you scanned with Norton, what’s the virus definition date?).

It’s possible you have spyware or adware installed without your knowledge.

If i updated/changed my version of internet explorer would that help?

Dude, your system is already INFECTED, updating the internet explorer wont change a thing.

BTW, this is an OpenGL related forum, not an “I nuked my my windows because I dont know jack” forum.

Go and complain @ Microsoft about their insecure software.