Slow down

I recently bought a new computer. Athlon 1.2GHz with 256 MB ram and a geforce DDR 32mb and i am running windows 98. My m/b is a epox-8kta3a+ which is using kta133a via chipset. I have another computer (duron 600 128 meg ram and same video card, as well as epox kta133 via chipset) and it has no problems at all. The problem is that it is running slow now with choppiness, especially when there is smoke on the screen. I am running v1.1 of Counter Strike. I’ve d/l the latest drivers (detonator 3) and still no luck. I run at 1024 x 768 and don’t tell me i should run it under that resolution, because my computer should be able to handle it if a computer half the speed and ram can!

I have the same problem did you happen to fix it cuase i am looking for a solution also. I have a visiontek geforce2 gts, athlon 1.2, a7m266 asus mobo, and 128 mushkin ram.