simple question about crash

I’m having a minor problem with OpenGL crashing in my development environment. I’m messing around with OpenGL in Visual C++ 5.0 and, after an unspecified time (or due to some other change), when I try to run the program the debugger reports an acess violation. But the call stack only shows the following:

ATIO9XAG! 690f6390()

So I’m left to assume that something has gone wrong with my video drivers and not the simple framework I’ve developed so far. At this point any program utilizing OpenGL that I run, even outside the developer, crashes. My question is: is there a way to reinitalize my drivers without restarting the computer I’m working on? Doing so solves the problem but it’s really annoying to do very often.
I would prefer a real fix if anyone knows one, but have no illusions about fixing this one since it seems to be only inside the developer.