Significance of Get/SetConfig


Would like to understand the significance of OMX_GetConfig and OMX_SetConfig when both appear similar to OMX_GetParameter and OMX_SetParameter respectively.The specification says former operates on configuration structure where as the later gets/sets the port parameters.

Wanted to know if both do the same job or is there any other significance i’m missing out?I notice both Get/SetConfig and Get/SetParameter take in same paramters(input arguments).

Can I use Get/SetParameter over Get/SetConfig??
Pleaz help me understand this asap!!!



The GetParameter/SetParameter functions are meant to setting which affect component initialization and settings which are relatively static in nature. That is why the SetParameter API is only allowed in the LOADED state or on ports which are disabled.

The GetConfig/SetConfig APIs are meant for settings which are more dynamic in nature and which may effect runtime operation of a component. The SetConfig API is allowed in all states except INVALID.

The OpenMAX IL specification already categorizes Config and Param structures. Those indices in OMX_Index.h which contain “Param” should be used with the parameter APIs and those which contain “Config” should be used with the config APIs.