SigGraph'04 TechTalk

Announcing SigGraph 2004 Tech Talk
Wednesday August 11th, at 1PM
TechTalk Room 2, inside the registration hall.
No registration to SigGraph necessary.

COLLADA - An open interchange file format for the interactive 3D industry
Interactive graphic content creation has become increasingly demanding as 3D graphic devices expand in capability and diversity. Not only has the sheer scale of content increased with consumer expectations, but the interdependencies between these assets has also grown more sophisticated as technology evolves. The introduction of new technologies such as programmable shaders demands development of specialized tools. At the same time, there is increased pressure to deliver dramatically interactive content using larger teams and ever shrinking production schedules.

The demands have never been so high on the content pipeline. A more robust and optimized production model is required. Unfortunately, creating a scalable content pipeline is an art form that requires patching together technologies that have not been designed for this purpose.

Alias, Criterion, Discreet, Emdigo, Novodex Softimage, Sony Computer Entertainment and Vicarious Vision are pleased to introduce COLLADA in order to dramatically improve today’s content pipeline by introducing an open and extensible collaboratively designed interchange file format that can enable existing and future tools to scale up to the exciting challenges of the next wave of interactive content development.

Remi Arnaud
Graphics Architect
Sony Computer Entertainment
919 East Hillsdale Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Foster City, California 94404 USA
collada (at)