SIGGRAPH 2007 Events

Here is a list of COLLADA events that you may want to put in your schedule if you are going to SIGGRAPH 2007:
[li]The COLLADA Tool Chain Birds of a Feather- Wednesday Aug 8th 2pm to 3:45pm[/li]FREE to all SIGGRAPH attendees
San Diego Convention Center, Conference Room 2

This is the second annual COLLADA Bird’s of a Feather event at SIGGRAPH that will bring COLLADA users and future users together! This year we will have several short presentations from companies describing COLLADA support in their products and attendees will learn how to combine these tools to create effective tool chains using COLLADA technology! The room will be set up for presentations in classroom style.

To learn more about who is presenting and to register please visit the official Khronos events pages:
[li]Khronos Siggraph Events[/:m:3fkjo8gz][/li][li]COLLADA Tool Chain BoF[/:m:3fkjo8gz][/li][li]COLLADA Tool Chain BoF Registration[/:m:3fkjo8gz][/ul][/li][/:m:3fkjo8gz]
[li]SANDBOX: Open Source Tool Chain Panel: Saturday Aug 4th, 11:40am to 12:30PM[/li]SandBox Symposium pass required
San Diego Convention Center, Rooms 29A-D, 30AB

Visit the ACM Sandbox panel and take part in a lively discussion about the application of open source software and tools in the video game industry.
[li]The COLLADA station at the Khronos booth #227: Exhibit hours[/li]SIGGRAPH exhibits pass required

Visit the Khronos booth at anytime during the exhibit to discuss COLLADA technology, Khronos membership, and conformance issues.
[li]A K Peters, Ltd at booth #412: Exhibit hours[/li]SIGGRAPH exhibits pass required

A K Peters publishes many books in the areas of computer science and methematics. Visit the A K Peters booth for your copy of COLLADA - Sailing the Gulf of 3D Digital Content Creation![/*:m:3fkjo8gz][/list:u:3fkjo8gz]