SigGraph 2006

[updated 27/07]

This will be the 3rd SigGraph for COLLADA!

Last year COLLADA was still a SCE R&D project. We sponsored a 2 hour COLLADA TechTalk where we talked about COLLADA 1.3 and showed many demonstrations.

This year, COLLADA is a Khronos Group industry standard. COLLADA 1.4.1 has been released, and many more tools are supporting COLLADA. Here is a list of events that you may want to put in your schedule if you are going to SigGraph:
[li]The COLLADA B.O.F and social event - Wednesday Aug 2nd 6-8pm - FREE ACCESS [/li]Boston Convention and Exhibition Center - Room 206A

This is a new event, that will bring COLLADA users and future users together in a social event (Free beer!) where new users can talk with more experienced users and developers! There may be a short presentation at the beginning to get the event started and for announcements. The room will be set-up as a mini show room, not as a class room, where people can freely visit the various demonstrations of COLLADA technology. Here’s a list of demos that have already been confirmed:
[li]C4 engine - Terathon Software[/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]Bullet physics - Erwin Coumans[/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]FX Composer 2.0 from nVidia. Test drive this incredible COLLADSA FX tool [/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]XSI 5.1 by Softimage. [/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]Blender COLLADA plug-in by Illusoft. [/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]Feeling Software COLLADA-Maya, COLLADA-Max, Nima, FCOLLADA and COLLADA viewer [/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]Ogre engine [/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]Open Scene Graph [/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]DAZ 3d[/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]Whoola cyberspace - by David Wallace Croft[/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]Houdini - by Side Effects Software[/:m:3j4mnk6e][/li][li]SCEA team - COLLADA-DOM, RT, CFX and Refinery. [/:m:3j4mnk6e][/ul][/li]This event is opened to everybody, please let me know if you want to be added as an exhibitor! Reply to this post or send email to
[li]The COLLADA Tech Talk: Thursday Aug 3rd, Noon to 2PM - FREE ACCESS [/li]Boston Convention and Exhibition Center - Room 251

This will be the 3rd tech talk (Technical Presentation). SCE, nVidia, Softimage and Feeling Software will do technical presentations and demonstrations of COLLADA 1.4.1 and answer all your questions.
[li] State-of-the-Art Cross-Platform Shader Development with FX Composer 2 - Wednesday, 2 August, 1 - 2 pm [/li]
Check our this talk from nVidia to learn about the not yet released COLLADA FX authoring tool
[li]The COLLADA station at the Khronos booth - Exhibit hours - SigGraph exhibit pass required [/*:m:3j4mnk6e][/list:u:3j4mnk6e]
[/li]Visit the Khronos booth at anytime to discuss COLLADA technology, Khronos membership, and conformance issues. In addition to discussing the COLLADA Specification and Schema, we will be demonstrating the Conformance Test and Reference Viewer.

Also, SigGraph 2006 will be the launch of COLLADA - Sailing the Gulf of 3D Digital Content Creation. Please visit the A.K. Peters booth to get your own copy of the book at SigGraph discount price ! Mark and I will be on the AK Peters booth (#2422) on Wednesday, August 2 from 12:30 to 1:30 pm for book signing

Presentations from the TechTalk are here.