Should i get a "Matrix Geforce 2MX 32MB"?

Is the “Matrix Geforce 2MX 32MB” a good graphics card? Does it have good opengl/directx support? is it worth 79$? And also, will I need a special motherboard or anything?

Now I’m using an ATI Rage Pro Turbo AGP2x.

So should I buy it?

Here’s a pic from the website with the description:

  • Triangles 20,000,000
  • Second Generation Engine
  • nVida Geforce 2 MX GPU
  • Hardware 256Bit 2 Pipe Rendering engine
  • AGP X2X4
  • Resolution up to 2048x1536
    NVIDIA 2nd Generation Transform and Lighting Engine
    25M Triangles\sec through T&L and setup Engine
    Complete support for Direct X 7.x and OpenGL features.


my suggestion would be to hold on to ur old card a bit longer…since GeForce 3 resently was released, the 3MX vil be as fast as a GeForce2 pro card, and the prices of Nvidia chips just dropt today ;-))

so it will take some time before these pricecuts will reach the companies building the different cards