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you do not highlight everything and then put black/gray pixels where shadows should appear. You instead noly hilight only the exact area that can receive some light.

Why on the earth couldn’t you do this for shadowmaps? It’s a one-pass per light thing for static lights!

Shadow maps are said to be easier to blur/make soft? So what? In most case it is just an image based technic, not a geometry based technic, so it does not take into account the distance from occluders so it’s not realistical.

Well mine do:
Again, one pass for static diffuse.

There are still artifacts to be fixed, but at the moment I’m pretty confident that shadow maps can get closer to the result I’m interested in than stencil shadows.

The pop-up thing is common to all shadow algorithms, with shadow maps it’s just hidden by other artifacts. I guess you don’t get it because you don’t have smooth shaded geometry.


Hello again,
I have a little problem with projection shadows.
So: I have a light that it’s moving in circle. The shadow that is project on the floor it’s also moving in circle, the problem is that the center of rotation is wrong. How I change the center of rotation on the shadow matrix?

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