Selecting OpenGL Driver Version (possible?)


I’m using a program called MATLAB with a Geforce4 Ti4400, but the program doesn’t identify the opengl drivers correctly, causing the graphics to be choppy and slow.

The company that wrote the software (mathworks) has openly stated that the bug is in their software, and that they really have no other solution than to use “software” emulation (hah!!!)

I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to specify, in windows 98, which opengl version to use, or if it is possible to tell windows to use it’s default opengl driver. The program only supports up to version 1.1, but supposedl;y recognizes up to 1.3.1 (though it does so incorrectly). I figure if there’s a way to tell windows to use the default driver, then I’d be set.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hmmmm since the OpenGL support is build into the driver for the graphic card, you cant select another OpenGL implementation.

You can switch your desktop into 256 color mode when before running matlab. Since no card can accelerate 3D in this mode you will get pure software rendering.

Hope that helps