Searching for OpenVX headers


The OpenVX spec talks about several header files (such as vx.h, vx_types.h, and so on) and it also displays contents of them.
Are these headers available for download somewhere?

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Since this is still a provisional specification, the headers are still under going some change. The working group may decide to release them, however.

I understand. Is there a chance to get them now, anyway? I want to do some tests and I would hate to waste time copying the information from the specification.

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Could you clarify what testing you would do? There are no binaries to test against as of yet. The working group is hesitant to release the headers while they may change. If you will be an implementer of the specification, then you may wish to join Khronos and gain access through the private repository.

I want to see if and how we could integrate our own image processing with OpenVX. Who at Khronos should I contact?

This is a great forum in which to ask these specific questions! You may want to start another thread though.