Screen capture with openCL?

There is a method for capture a screen image or a sequence of creen images (like camstudio) directly with openCL and after make some calculations with it?
thanks in advance.

No, there isn’t.

Thanks for reply.
Intenad of do it directly with openCL, is possible to capture the screen with openGL and suddenly elaborate it in opencl with GL/CL interop, without passing through the cpu?

From your own OpenGL application, yes. Just render to a texture and then use the texture. If you create a CL image from the GL texture you can operate on it with CL without copying back to CPU.

For whole screen or other applications, I don’t think so. Screen capture is something managed by the OS. Check with your OS documentation.

There isn’t a method for pass the framebuffer pointer?
Render to texture methond isn’t more efficent right?

For a single frame, efficiency is moot, but becomes important if you have a number of frames to capture.

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Capturing from the screen is an OS-dependent thing, and you haven’t mentioned your OS.

Some resources for you to research: