Same Prob, new view

First time here, i just find it funny, how people with problems come here and interestingly enough those are the only peeps that pop in. Why? Well why in the world would people without a problem go to a help forum? Once and awhile theres the nice joe that bobs in and helps alot of people, but those guys soon get swamped out by the many other posts that are asking the same question, but dont bother to look at the posts. i to the same thing and i see everyones views, cuz heck! its happening to me too! heres my stats

1 gig pen3
256 ram
30 gig hd blah bla
Gforce 2 go

im getting the same with the opengl thing, but a guy on this forum posted a website that may help others (didnt help me because i cant find the DVA line, its asking you to edit.)

heres the addy

Heres what i’ve tried to do(fyi, i’ve gotten it to work once or twice on my computer so it is possible… somehow)

-i ran xp, opengl said it didnt support xp
-i switched back to win98
-now opengl doesnt support drivers for my graphics card
-i’ve tried to put .dll files in the q3 folder and in the system folders.
-i’ve updated the drivers on my 2go card and patched q3

anymore suggestions? im kinda stumped like everyone else reading. gluck to everyone aswell.