S3 Savage4 AGP

I’ve got a Compaq 5722 with a S3 Savage4 AGP video card. But I can’t play any games with windows xp. :’( Though watching movies isn’t a problem. Is there any driver etc. available for my card for opengl and can the card be used under xp at all???

Thanx and later… Sander

I’m guessing you upgraded to WinXP from Win98, since that system shipped with Win98. That upgrade is notorious for problems playing games. Also, that video card probably isn’t going to run a lot of the more modern games (for example, the MOHAA Readme.txt file says it’s not supported).

For about $50 you can get a Radeon or Geforce2mx card that will perform better. I’d suggest doing that if you are really into playing games.

No I didn’t updat I installed the full version of windows xp professional after formatting my cpu. And I can’t play games like fifa anymore wich I used to be able to pley.

Good, I’m glad to hear you didn’t perform the XP upgrade, that seems to have caused problems for numerous users on this forum.

It would be more helpful if you could tell the errors that occur when you try to run the game.

Here’s the update page at Compaq, although they don’t offer any drivers for your video card and WinXP: http://web14.compaq.com/falco/sp_list.asp

Or look around here for S3 graphic drivers. http://www.s3graphics.com/

Both sites ar no good. If I start the game it doesn’t load and it goes back to windows or the screen is not the right scale. I need the opengl drivers but I’ve tried the ‘homemaid’ ones but they just ruïn me cpu

Well, the Savage4 is a pretty old card now. I’d suggest upgrading to a new one.

Sorry, that’s all the help I can give.