RGB COLOR and TEXCOORD combination

Hi all,

I have a model that I’m exporting to the COLLADA format, and it has TEXCOORD and vertex colour (COLOR) data. Having declared all this in the model semantics, on rendering I cannot seem to get the RGB vert data to show, only the TEXCOORD data (Model shows with just the texture, instead of being multiplied by each vert colour). Is there a Collada shader-specific solution?

What renderer are you using?

SwirlViewer 2.6 to view it: as of yet I’m not sure what the final rendering implementation will be, but likely some form of Away3D mod.

Can you recommend any other free viewer? SwirlViewer doesn’t seem to like embedded <Code> tags either, and the latest CoherencyTest exe doesn’t recognise them either.

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Try the viewers listed in the products directory. Follow the link in the sticky post in the contributions forum.